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To get started on a project, select a product from 1000's in our catalog. Having trouble? Choose a category to get some ideas, search by price, or contact us so that we may guide you to the perfect product!

Next, upload your art using our online submission form located at the bottom of the page. Whether it's an idea framework, rough draft, or polished logo, Pinnacle Products will ensure your design looks as good on your product as it does in your head.

...You're all set! Hit submit and sit back as Pinnacle fulfills your order to your exact specifications. We'll take care of the rest from here, all you have to do is enjoy the satisfaction of ordering top-notch products with impeccable printing services from one of the best custom products companies around. Well done!

Promoting Your Business Is Our Business

Pinnacle Products provides top-level branding solutions for companies throughout the Willamette Valley and across the nation. We do this by establishing focused relationships and maintaining an impeccable level of customer service only found in a family-owned business. This allows us to assess the specific needs of our clients including customer base, current market position, and trajectory.

Pinnacle Products offers tailored product suites to meet these needs. Building brands is what we do. With more than 25 years in the industry, we build on our past experiences to offer strategically developed solutions. We have nurtured strong and long lasting relationships with manufacturers in order to pass those benefits on to our clients. Through branded corporate apparel, imprinted retail items and marketing collateral we aim to contribute to the growth of your business. As a partner in your company, we succeed when you succeed. After all, promoting your business is our business.



Why Develop a Product Suite to Grow Your Brand?

Pinnacle Products recognizes that today's marketplace is highly competitive, especially for small to mid-size companies facing off against big box stores. The increase in ecommerce allows customers to shop around and explore companies in all parts of the world all while never leaving the comfort of their home. This spells trouble for companies looking to grow or even maintain their market share.

How do you plan on gaining a foothold over your competition? Utilizing branded apparel and marketing collateral establishes a cohesive presence for your company. What's more, they get your name and logo out in front of your customers, growing brand recognition, familiarity, and trust. A full 90% of Americans own at least one promotional product. Further, products are kept for years both at work and at home. These solutions are effective. Receipt of just one promotional product has been shown to increase sales by 30% among consumers. Developing a branded product suite is a near guaranteed way of getting your company name in the hands of potential customers.

 Promotional items keep your company relevant and at the forefront of your industry. They lend themselves to excellent brand recollection. 89% of people can recall the name of a company on a promotional product they had received within the last two years. Choosing the right products will ensure your brand is in front of the right consumers. A tailored product suite in combination with branded apparel is part of any fully fleshed marketing plan and delivers maximum return on investment. 

Contact us today to develop your personalized product suite or start searching on your own by browsing products and apparel.






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